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Fire & Rehire – A new Statutory Code of Practice

It was recently announced by the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) that there will be a new Statutory Code of Practice in relation to “fire and rehire” tactics (“the Code”). This has been highly anticipated since the start of the pandemic when it was common for employers to want to change contracts to compensate for the rapid change in ways of working.

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DR-HR Employment Retainer Package

Running a business is a bit like the plate spinning act at a circus. Trying to keep on top of finances, compliance, marketing, networking, recruitment, the list goes on. Each element demands your time but with only so much of you to go around, eventually one of those plates is going to fall. Quite often in a small business, the plate that gets left to fall first is in relation to HR and employment law.

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Long Covid & Disability

With Covid still unwilling to make a welcome exit from the news and our lives, the impact continues to plague employers. The recently detected Omicron variant and the return of measures to combat it, has left businesses once again having to adapt.

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Workers or Independent Contractors?

Another case and another decision by the Courts that a group of individuals are workers and not independent contractors. The company in this case is Stuart Delivery Ltd. Like cases such as Pimlico Plumbers, restrictions on the right of substitution will likely lead to a finding that the work needs to be performed personally, and therefore that the individuals are workers.

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Bullying in the workplace

Anti-Bullying Week takes place 15th – 19th November to try and reinforce

  • how workplaces approach the subject of bullying
  • what to do if you are being bullied
  • what action will be taken against those who do bully their colleagues, and
  • highlight the impact bullying can have.

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Banter – It’s just not cricket

“Reasonable” has been overtaken in recent years as my most disliked word in the legal profession, finding itself demoted by “banter”. Banter has become the go-to word used by employees and employers alike to justify offensive behaviour that would otherwise amount to discrimination & harassment. It has reared its head again in the last 24 hours as the dispute between Azeem Rafiq and Yorkshire County Cricket Club continues.

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