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Sadie - business development manager

A day in the life of Sadie, Business Development Manager

Take a look at what goes on behind the scenes of a business development manager

On a typical day I will walk the dog as early as I can – this can be anything from 4.30-7am, then I will get my 3 kids ready and off to school. (Although if I am up early before the rest of the house I will sometimes start work after walking the dog at around 5.30)


Then I will then head to the office and make a round of coffees before sitting down to check through my emails and deal with those accordingly.


I will then go through all of our social media profiles, replying to messages and comments, engaging on other connections posts and channels, connecting with new people, growing the Dawson Radford audience. This includes Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.


I also update our Google Business profile and look at the insights of our audience and local search performance.


Content planning for social media is a big one, that takes up a large chunk of my time. Creating relevant postings, timetables etc so I am always trying to keep ahead of it.


Contacting post completion clients to thank them for their custom, enquire if there is anything else I can help with and send out our review link.


Brainstorming new marketing ideas, keeping an eye on what the competition is up to, investigating new processes of doing things.


If there are any online courses or webinars available I will try and fit them in to make sure I am up to date with anything I need to know to help me with my job.


Any updates to the website.


Checking out the website insights, looking at who is looking at us, the pages that are most popular, the footpath they leave through the site, where they drop off…. what are people looking for at this time. How can we utilise that information?


Throughout the day I will liaise with Jo on any ideas I have had, she has had, any new tasks I need to tackle.



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