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lottie office assistant

A day in the life of Lottie, Office Support Assistant

Lottie shares with us a day in her working life,


So my typical day will start by waking up at 7am and getting ready for work, I then get into the office for 9 o’clock and make tea and coffee to start everyone’s day in the right way!


I will start by checking my emails, filling and scanning making sure they are all dealt with correctly and accordingly. I also deal with phone calls and greeting people when they are coming into the office. I try my best to help around the office as much as possible to make work easier for other members of our team.


I will also receive the post that comes into the office and make sure that I deal with this in the right way and that it gets through to my correct colleague.


At around 3:45 I will then head up to the post office to send out documents and details to our clients.  


At 5 o’clock I then will finish my day at work and go home to my family where we will have our tea and then watch a film before going to bed and starting the next day.


R / O: 26 Napier Court, Gander Lane, Barlborough, Chesterfield, S43 4PZ
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