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Amad trainee solicitor

A day in the life of Amad, Trainee Solicitor

Behind the scenes of a day for Trainee Solicitor Amad


Hello, I’m Amad and I am a Trainee Solicitor at Dawson Radford. Here at Dawson Radford, we strive to have a good work/life balance with our Director Jo pushing us to appreciate our time inside and outside of work. My working days are generally 9-5 but there are the odd days I work later into the evening. Here is a general overview of my typical day:


9 am – I start my mornings by going through my emails, responding to anything I can immediately and making a list of tasks that need actioning.


9.30 am – We have usually have a team catch up where we discuss what everyone’s workload is like and any important transactions that may be near completion or have completed.


10 am – I’m back going through my emails and diary to see which tasks I need to focus on during the day. I would also be sure to look through any tasks outstanding from previous days and prioritise them accordingly.


10.30 am – I focus on post-completion matters. This includes sorting stamp duty land tax forms/stock transfer forms and arranging for the duty to be paid, companies house filings, submitting Land Registry applications/replying to requisitions and creating completion bibles.




1 – 5/6 pm – I start to look in to more transactional work, this can range from due diligence, drafting transaction documents or looking into property enquiries. I will also respond to any emails as they come in.


Currently I am working through due diligence on various matters. One includes the purchase of a business where we want to collect as much information about the business being purchased for our client, so I am reviewing any responses we have received from the seller and collating further enquiries to fill any gaps in the information provided. I will then draft a report of the seller’s responses for our client to review. I’m also working on due diligence for the sale of a business, here we are doing the opposite so I am liaising with our client to answer the enquires of the Buyer.


This will usually take me to the end of the day and on most occasions into tomorrow!


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R / O: 26 Napier Court, Gander Lane, Barlborough, Chesterfield, S43 4PZ
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