A flexible law firm?  Surely not

Because business isn’t just 9-5

You’re busy, every day, trying to deal with everything your business throws at you. We know, we’ve been there. The time it takes to deal with employees, customers, and just the general running of the office is frightening. Add to that making time to see your lawyer – before you know it you’ve lost the whole day.

What if you could see your lawyer at the end of the day, or maybe before the working day starts? What if you could meet over coffee and the papers on a Saturday morning to spend time evaluating the week’s events? You can, if you want to.

If you think your personal time is sacred, and nothing from work can encroach on that, that’s fine too. By being flexible in our business, you get access to a legal expert, exactly when you need it.

BTW – the acro-gymnast to the right is the super talented and super star of the Dawson family, Tabitha, demonstrating extreme flexibility.  Photo credit and copyright assertion to her almost as talented father, poleydeepics.