Company Law

The Companies Act 2006 was supposed to make life more simple for SMEs.  In doing so it significantly lengthened the legislation governing companies, and omitted several vital tools which were deemed “over complicated”.

It would be impossible for every company owner to have a working knowledge of company legislation; its voluminous, difficult to read, and frankly there are better things to think about.  But sometimes, a knowledge of the legislation is required, which is where we come in.  You may be about to embark upon a transaction that needs special approval of the shareholders, or there may be a set procedure to follow.  You may simply need to file a form with the Registrar of Companies, or produce board minutes for a customer, supplier or lender.  We can help with this.  Whether it’s guidance in form filling, or preparing transaction documents to facilitate something specific we can prepare drafts, liaise with your accountants or other advisers, and attend to the signing and filing.  We work on a fixed fee basis which we inform you of at the outset, so you can be clear about costs, filing fees and any duties payable.